The subject Shalakyatantra deals with the diseases and treatment of Netra (eye), Karna(ear), Nasa(nose), Mukha(oral cavity) and Shira(head).Practical confirmation and assessment of theoretical knowledge is successfully conducted here in OPD and IPD. Nearly all types of major and minor surgical procedures are performed in the department like SICS, DCT, DCR, Squint, Pterygium etc. related to Eye. Students get hands on experience in Tonsillectomy, Adenoidectomy, SMR, Spectoplasty, Mastoidectomy, FESS etc. related to Ear, Nose and throat. For this, well equipped O.T. with a separate Surgical Microscopes is available. Some specific Ayurvedic procedures like Netratarpan, Nasya, Karnapuran, Raktamokshan are done in association with Panchakarma Dept.

  • The dept. conducts special health camps related to ENT disorders, and eye check up camps, spectacles are offered to needy patients at minimum rates.
  • An ophthalmic chair unit along with Auto refracto meter and slit Lamp is being used for diagnostic and treating purposeAn audiometer is being used to assess the hearing capacity of patients. These instruments give hand on experience to the students.Latest instruments including a Sinus-cope and an Endoscopic Camera that helps students to learn Diagnostic Endoscopy and a few latest surgeries like FESS.
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